5 Best Hood Cleaning Blogs

5 Best Hood Cleaning Blogs

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5 Best Hood Cleaning Blogs Vent hoods or exhaust hoods are the big metal box structures found just above kitchen cooktops. These structures are installed to help eliminate steam and smoke from kitchens. It is quite easy to forget about your vent hood when it’s just hanging there all the time. But, this kitchen equipment requires regular cleaning and maintenance in order to function properly. It also needs to undergo routine safety checks to ensure that it doesn’t pose any risk to the kitchen staff, customers and overall business.

Commercial kitchens cannot do without vent hoods. These kitchens are very busy places and they are characterized by a lot of steam, smoke, grease and soot. All these elements can settle on surfaces and appliances causing them to malfunction or become worn out quickly. Grease, for instance, can easily start to build up on kitchen surfaces and utensils. This build up creates an ugly picture that most customers would not like to see.

Luckily, vent hoods have inbuilt fans that suck up all unnecessary grease and smoke particles into the ventilation system. Baffle filters in the hood then proceed to capture the debris. It is imperative that these filters are cleaned or replaced regularly if they are worn out. Failure to clean or replace the baffle filters can result in your vent hood system working inefficiently or not working at all. Total failure of your exhaust hood system can lead to your kitchen becoming an inhabitable space.

Often times, people simply switch on their vent hood system in the morning and then switch it off later at night without any thought or consideration about cleaning or maintenance. The need for cleaning or maintenance only arises when something starts malfunctioning or not working. However, you don’t have to wait until chaos erupts. You can avoid unnecessary inconveniences by adhering to strict vent hood maintenance schedules and procedures.

How do you clean and maintain your vent hood properly? By imparting yourself with the right information on cleaning techniques, equipment and supplies. You can get free and quality information on the internet regarding this topic. Simply looking at at the 5 best hood cleaning blogs on the web can help you to get an idea of what you need to do to keep your kitchen exhaust vents clean, clear and working properly. Here are a few blogs you can check out.

Kitchen Grease Trap and Hood Cleaning Blog

The Kitchen Grease Trap and Hood Cleaning Blog is one of the best websites to visit if you are looking for quality information on how to keep your hood clean and grease free. The blog deals with all types of kitchen hoods from small residential kitchen hoods to large commercial kitchen hoods. You will not lack something to read about here.

The Restaurant Hood Cleaning Blog

This is a hood cleaning blog that’s dedicated to helping restaurant owners and managers in cleaning and maintaining their vent hoods. Vent hoods in most restaurants require frequent cleaning and servicing as they tend to accumulate debris faster than kitchen hoods in homes. Because of this, restaurant owners and managers need to know exactly how to undertake this crucial sanitization and also when’s the best time to do it.

St Louis Hood Cleaning

The St Louis Hood Cleaning blog is on this list of 5 best hood cleaning blogs because of its wide variety of resources pertaining the subject. The blog is full of articles and discussions on different types of hood products, equipment and accessories. Consumers can comment about their individual experiences with different types of products and get quality feedback from industry experts.

Vent Hood Cleaning 101 | HRS Blog

This is the blog for beginners who know little or nothing about hood cleaning. If you’ve never had to clean out your vent hood before, it would be wise to check out this blog in order to get a few tips on how to get started.

Hood Cleaning Blog – Hoods Unlimited

Last but not least on the list of 5 best hood cleaning blogs is Hood Cleaning Blog – Hoods Unlimited. As its name suggest, the blog has an unlimited wealth of information on different installations of exhaust hoods, different cleaning and maintenance procedures as well as consumer best practices for an optimal vent hood experience.

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5 Best Hood Cleaning Blogs

5 Best Hood Cleaning Blogs

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